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Pigeon Crisis

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The newest craze to hit the pigeon shooting public, the ultimate in first person action, starring an unknown assailant in his bid to save mankind.

5 varied levels of intense non-multiplayer action, lots of stuff goes boom, and allot of weapons to sample.

If you are a great fan of pigeons or sheep, please do not play.

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hmmm not good...

this is bored....


a disappointing, uninteresting waste of time

2004, it's old, but still...

Man it sucked. No blood for shooting birds? The music looped every 1.5 seconds.

Let me repeat that....

THE MUSIC LOOPED EVERY ONE-POINT-FIVE SECONDS. OMFG that is so annoying. Not only that, it just stops... and never starts again.

Too easy. Reload is instant, so you rapid-pound space like you're masturbating to a hot porno and you never have ammo problems.

The game itself is boring. Just shoot until you get the points required, and that's it.


very boring...sucks!

Ramped up version of Duck Hunt.

It's Duck Hunt with a few extras.

... that's about it....

Perhaps adding more flashes, bangs, and booms would help spice the game up a bit? Anything to give the player a sense of action.