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LITTLE NOTE: before you comment or vote on this game , please look again at the size of the file , say it - sixteen point nine K , think about it for a minute and then...

After watching many movies and games bigger then 3mb and huge in screen size I was thinking to m'eself ...

Can someone make a game that :
1. is a game (fun , interactive bla bla)....
2. smaller then 20k
3. no installation and can be played on Mac pc and Linux
4. runs on a Pentium 500 (or better)
5. with sound and graphics
6. with high score board
7. in 85 X 85 pixels area
8. in 4 hours of work
9. a game that in a way make u think, or use skill
10. non violent blood and gore (sadness....)

In this game you need to guess if the next card is going to be bigger or smaller then the computer card.
thus High or Low.
The cards have numbers from 1 to 14.

Simple Example:
the computer is holding the card 1 (the computer is the little blue guy).
a player is guessing that his card will be bigger, and so he click the High button. as soon as the player guessed high or low (high in this case) the player card will turn showing its value , 8 for example
that means that 8 is bigger then 1 , and so the player wins.
If the player wins, the pot will
grow X2 if the player loss, the computer will drain the money from the pot to his account. the fact that a player won a round doesn't mean he gets the pot money!
the pot money is just laying there waiting for someone to take it...as long as the player wins and keep on playing without taking the pot the pot will grow bigger and bigger...at the starting point of each turn the player can take the pot money (if there is something there)
and move it to his bank account (his gold).

Game over:
The game will end when the player is out of gold , and there is no more pot for him to take.
in the case the player score is 0.

How to win:
This is the tricky part. at the starting point of each turn, the player can end the game taking all the money he have and go home with it. that will end the game immediately, all the player score will be the amount of gold he have.
if there is some money in the pot, a player must take it and then end the game.
A player should ask himself - can I make more money or shall I leave with what I have now.
remember to get into the high score board a player should take some risks , but not always ;)

Give a card:
Another feature of the game is giving a card to the computer.
from time to time (only if the player wins a round) the computer will ask if the player
want to give his card to the computer.
lets say the player had 1 and the computer had 8 , the player won this round
and then the "Give" option is popping up. if the player will decide to give the card to the computer, the next round the computer
will have 1 as his card. (making it easy for the player to win the next round)

Equal cards
What happen if the player and the computer gets the same card ?
simple, the player loss!
we are playing High or Low , if the cards are equal the computer wins the turn....

Enjoy Playing

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Pretty decent

For such a small file.

pretty good

pretty good make it a little more flashy though

Great game! :D

And Trickman (TrickM) has best high score, 'cause Trickman is 1337!

Well, for <20kB I guess it's OK

Really having to squint at such a tiny box is annoying. And gamewise, high/low cards...well it's OK I guess, just not a particularly good game whether it's done in 20kB or 20MB.


oh cool i got on the high score board w/o knowing wtf 'Give' feature was! i would just always hit it!

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3.65 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2004
2:06 PM EDT
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