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The RavenShield Incident

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Based on a true RavenShield story of what happened when me and AwsmGy were backstabbed by an angry man on our team... Reason? He was in a bad mood. We won't take that shit.

This is really a silly movie with mediocre art. It's nothing impressive, but I do think it's humorous. There are some inside jokes that most of you won't get (I didn't intend to upload this on NG when I was making this). Just try to enjoy.


Needs work |good humor

Graphics: Well graphics were very simple, but tied in well with the RavenShield characters and also well with storyline. The computer scene in particular was well drawn, and the action mission sequence was good. Also it was neat to have the snipers gun angle. Sounds: well sounds were not too bad, gun sound affects and music were well fitting with the variety of guns, and the bullet time affects were very funny. Some great humor along with a great view of violence, and the ending was very funny.

Graphics need a bit of work, and maybe a bit more detail and shading on backrounds, but a good style of humor.

Whoa, sharona....

You got alot of things wrong. Like the tweening on the legs - what's up with that? The Server screen was unclear, the speech was quite good, and the graphics (i noticed you used shading) were below average. The music you chose was great (not the greatest editing, but there you go). In conclusion, my cats sperm probably couldn't have done better - nice work (however very very sloppy).

DoktarBoo responds:

Haha thanks. That's good, considering I really rushed this movie.


it was ok, but i really think the music saved this movie.

So what

This happens on every game doesn't it...
who cares... if i wanted to see this i'd go find a game and play for 5 minutes till i see an asshole that has nothing better to do with his time than woof down a bigmac and ruin other peoples fun


this movie rox likes Brolly does!1!

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1.98 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2004
2:20 AM EDT
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