Mr Fox

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This is the first platform game I've made and I'm happy with the result. It may not be very long (3 levels), but there will be more games similar and better than this on the way.
-hope you enjoy
* Use the arrows to move and "a" to jump* the game scrolls from right to left.
-*GLITCHES* fixed the going off the screen to the right.. and the not falling off one of the logs.. might work on jumping, but i'm already onto other games, so i might just chalk this one up as a practice.

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9.75/10 ;D

Heh heh. Looks like Felix had a species-change operation.

Damn, this game is hard. Reminds me of "9 billion miles from Earth", making it look like an old cartoon as opposed to making it look like an old B movie, and yet having it be a playable game. Afraid I couldn't get far enough into it to really be qualified to give it a rating that is definitively good or bad, but I feel because of that, I should give it the benefit of the doubt and give it 4. I guess I could get further if I practiced a little but then the fact that I'm not inclined to, is a good reason to give it a 4 instead of 4.5.


hahahahahahaha Great game with great art!

Poor Platfomrmer

Normally I would be willing to excuse some of the flaws in a game like this, but a few things make it hard for me to ignore these imperfections. Firstly, is the fact that in terms of gameplay concept there is nothing unique or complicated outside of standard jumping going on here, so all the faults are even more inexcusable due to there not being a good excuse for them to exist (i.e focus on a more elaborate mechanic). The jumping is so flawed that there are times Mr. Fox would fall down THROUGH the platform w/o me even having to do so, and his jump has no sense of weight or gravity to it. He often feels like a paper airplane, his final destination a mystery until you arrive; unfortunately 9/10 that location is either right into other enemies or a hole.

All this said, I realize that this game came out in 2004, when flash game content wasn't really that prolific. Even so, this game was building off of basic platforming concepts practically perfected by the industry by 1995, if not earlier, and while there are plenty of lousy platformers from that period too they atleast have a valid excuse in that their problems are not in messing up the absolute bare basics, as this game's are.

Even for all my dismay, there is a shining light in this game; the visuals and music remind me very much of the first level of Mickey's Genesis game, Steamboat Willy. If only the actual game had even decent jumping, hit detection, and other basics down-pat, this could've been something good :(

thistler responds:

Thanks for your review :) Just wanted to point out "basic platforming concepts practically perfected by the industry by 1995". Well, I wasn't in an industry and I wasn't a programmer, so it was my best shot at making a game on my own. I'm slightly better at programming nowadays and this game is at the top of my remake list. I never did like the way this game was made (code on each movieclip all running all over the place) but it's all I knew at the time :)

Well, for practice...

... It certainly wasn't bad. Not at all. But there's some things that need work...

First thing I wanna say is that personally I feel that the holes shouldn't have been so high. I've fallen into holes at ground level, mostly in level 3.

However, there are still bugs. In level... 2 I think, one of the pits has a graphical glitch where the background appears below the pit. Secondly, it's possible to walk backwards into stumps (also in level 2), and I don't think you're supposed be able to do that. Lastly, on the second boss, there appears to be a problem with one of the hit boxes for the spikes on the left side. I've lost lives hitting spikes I didn't land on (I was well above them.)

Enough about the bad though, let's talk about the good. The best thing I can say is you've got the aesthetic down. The game looks just like an old 50's cartoon, with a character that looks like they were inspired by Felix the Cat or Mickey Mouse. I even like the simplistic plot that drove the game. Another thing I'll say is I liked the choice of music, it really put you in the 50's setting. As a platform game, it plays okay, apart from the glitches. The jumps could be a little better since you have to practically go to the edge of certain platforms, kinda like in Mega Man 4 (anyone who's played that knows what I mean...)

Overall, if this game had a little more polishing done to it, I think it would be better, but it's still fairly enjoyable.

By the way, I noticed you can get infinite points on the first boss, since he's easy to stomp on, and you get a certain amount of points. If you have the patience for it you can easily boost your score over a length of time...

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3.95 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2004
8:41 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place July 13, 2004