Starship Scalar

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Well, like it or not, i wanted to make it and ive finished it, my new game Starship Scalar is here

Ladies and Gentelmen, this things packing in full text, you might not like it but i do, and, well, walking around a ship might not be your cup of tea, it might be others, so just play it and tell me

(Note:This was not my idea, a friend thought it up and said it might be cool, now, i know its gay but i did my best for me mate)



it's verry good. make more. make more. or make it longer...


...this game sucks.... :s


cool concept, but some of the things there need to be worked on to apeal to a greater audience

Ah, Text Games

I was never really a fan of text games, although I do like a D&D game now and then. I say five for graphics because it had a 3d look to it, but there was minimal color, but that isn't counted in my final score since it's a text adventure. Style is ten, cuz I do like the way it was put together. Sound zero, but again, text game. Violence and Humor I marked zero, although I didn't play the whole game. I just assume there isn't much since it's a text game, once again. interactivity is ten, as all of the normal functions are available. Great game. Ten.

((( ITS OK )))

Well notbad, the concept of the text part of it is cool, and the small window was neat, but not much NG'ers, might like it, its still a decent idea, nice graphics though, keep at it...


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2.26 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2004
1:32 PM EDT
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