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ULTIMATE TUTORIAL 2 is done. Stop watching this one. Better watch Ultimate Tutorial 2!
YAY! OVER 60.000 VIEWS! Cool!!!
Daily 3rd place? cool!
Note: The bugs and a few spelling errors are fixed now.
Hi there. Here is my new tutorial. It took A LOT of time and effort... but.. it turned out great! It has both a flash and a Newgrounds tutorial in it. The flash tutorial has 25 downloadable flash files in it (if you dont understand something just download the file)
I hope you like it!

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Not ultimate

Doesn't tell me everything about audio, it doesn't say about the actionscript commands like stop all sounds.

It doesn't have very good spelling either, which doesn't give confidence in a tutorial

Helped me a lot.

But.. masking doesn't seem to work. Iv set it to mask and put a circle and all that, but it doesn't hide whats outside the circle.

Great, but it wont let me download anything!


follower didn't work for me

Hey nice tut, but I have a little problem with my enemy action.

I copy/pasted the "onClipEvent (enterFrame) " thing about the meteor that's supposed to follow the spaceship. But it didn't work at all. In fact, it compiled various errors. Is this AS3 only? I'm using CS3 with AS2.


I'm new at doing ALOT on flash, but I know some of the basics and your part on the audio was a BIG help for me, and I thank you again for making this tutorial!