Douglas Adams Dedication

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Do not watch this film if you know nothing about Douglas Adams...this will probably just irritate you.

Dedicated to the greatest author ever to thread the earth.

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Yeah um, no

I agree with 4orty2wo.
I mean, you could have at least spell checked and used a more meaningful song long the theme to the tv show or something. Sorry but just no.

Total Crap

Seriously, avid fans such as myself would find your "tribute" to one of the greatest authors ever to be a tad insulting. And to add insult to injury, you've misspelled the titles, the movie did come out, 42 will always be the answer, and flashing words atop an old-film background is the epitome of lame.

It was alright

But really you needed to include some stuff really about him before you put words down like that. A lot of people will see what you said as slightly offending to Douglas Adams' work. Personally I think there should have been some more Vogons and Improbability Drives in there lol. Nah just kiddin' it was alright.


a) His film was released

b) a new film is out soon

c) 42 is the meaning of life

d) Golgafrinchans are our ancestors... supposedly

e) The 'salmon of doubt' was never finished...

f) He made many people live again, and gave hope to the hopeless

g) He has invoked peoples imaginations- and will continue to do so even after death

h) He had accomplished more than any man could aspire to in his lifetime

Douglas Adams is not dead- he lives on in word and page.

God rest his soul


That was simple but it got the point across........There actually is a hitchhiker movie coming out summer of 2005!

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