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Final Fantasy - Real Sh*t

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(Update): Attention all 5 of the Final Fantasy Real Sh** fans...lol. Episode 2 is in progress. AHHH!! Run for your lives.

*Edit II*
OMG!! I cannot believe I got hatemail. o.0
[I like final fantasy so screw you, yu spoilin lil gay boy] - Thank you, toony100@ntlworld.com :P

Ok. After many sound complaints, I finally added subtitles. I hope they don't affect the movie much.

After reading the reviews, I've talked with my cousin and he's agreed to make a second episode.

Also a lot of people are complaining about the sound. I'm sorry but i had to lower the sound quality so it wouldn't slow down the movie. After all, who wants to mouths moving to something said 15 seconds ago.

Anyway, the graphics aren't that good but I didn't have a scanner and can't draw with a mouse. Also my flash skills are limited so bare with me.

Enjoy the show.

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it was good but since you added everyone except rinoa it was kinda not right but still funny as hell "training" lol


that sucked pretty much. well, at least in my oppinion. you should really practice your voice acting and don't bust up you mic, dude. animation was pretty poor, but hey, I'm no better. this wasn't really my taste but I see you have some fans and for that I am glad for you.

Let's get this straight-

I would fuck SELPHIE! I would NOT fuck a CHOCOBO!

that really is the real shit

great job i knew zell was stupid but damn. IDK how squall can stand them i would have went on a mass killing spree after day one lol, anyway yeah the sound was off but who cares the flash itself more then make up for the sound. And i guess when your as dense as zell you tend to mistake alot of thing hahaha.


Heh... Lol. Seifer really is gay! I always suspected... And WTF is up with Zell!? (Actually I normally ask that after playing ff8 anyway). How do you mistake a chocobo for Selphie!? Seriously dude keep up the good work.

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4.20 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2004
2:54 AM EDT