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Raiden IIS - Part A

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You all played these games before. All you have to do is shoot at enemies, grab items, powerups, etc... and you'll get more score! I also fixed the autofire but...

OMG WTF TOM! Why won't you let me edit submissions with 5000+ views. o_O

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What was the song at the menu?

half good

GOOD THINGS BECUZ OF ITS AUTOFIRE, AND U CAN PICK 3 upgrades and the other thing is its not like raiden X so its OK

I always loved the Raiden series...

So it's nice to see something like this every now and then. However, you amp the difficulty waaay too quickly, and not even having one of those fairies pop up to give you a few items to ease the respawning if you die just makes it so that you have to spend the rest of the level dying to respawn for 3 more bombs.
All in all, I'm rating this as... well, harshly as I can, since this is based off one of my favorite series.
Weapon layout=+3 I really like how the purple weapon acts here. And I like how you don't have to fight to stay with one weapon, since all three are active at once.
Music=+4 I love the Raiden music.
Difficulty=-2 Very good starting difficulty, but a player stands no chance if he dies and loses everything when there's a constant massive swarm coming at him.
Replayability=+1 Only due to the score carrying.
Can't think of anything else to rate, so this is it.

Free Will is an illusion!

I like how you remove the illusion of free will. "Why do you need a Fire button when you fire the whole damn time anyway?" Free will is an illusion! The World is a Sham! BTW Raiden Trad on the SNES was one of my fave games. This version is a nice nod to the original, and although the slowdown was a bit annoying at times the game was still fun. Viva the something or other!

it was okay

I liked it but ive played the original before and it wasn't all that great compared to the original. There were alot of different things like
1.The power ups changed your power and looked a bit different.
2.The map doesn't change
3.Not this many enemies came until much much later in the original Raiden II

I will give you points for the music. it was VERY nostalgic LOL