Dirtæ's Big Day

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My first movie.
A "Dirty Sanchez" is similar to a
Wet Willy, but you stick your finger up
your ass and wipe the shit on their
upper lip, giving them a "moustache"
that looks like that of Mexican people
you see on TV. Hence the "Sanchez."

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This flash was, in a word, weird. When the Pope showed up iI made the same motion with my arms, wondering what was going on. The music was decent, and the graphics weren't terrible at the beginning,even if they seemed to stop halfway through. By the time he got to Tony Danza I was utterly confused as to what was going on, and I remained confused for the rest of the flash. If it was meant to be humorous, then it left me scratching my head instead.


The highlights of you flash had to be his encounters with tony danza and the pope, even though the pope bit was dated as we have a new one it still worked quite well. The music in the background was what really suprised me about your flash as it was quite good and it had a nice exotic sound to it, its a shame that you had no credit for it. Overall a solid effort, with a few good gags.

could use more

Well it was ok i thought you could have put more ideas and such into it, also it was very bland, especially in the backrounds

add more backround stuff, and new ideas

it was ok



strangely amusing, it was blatantly racist toward's mexicans, but all in all as a flash it was almost shitty to the point of being good, and it had a certain goofiness to it that made it fun to watch.

The most stupid thing I've ever seen

What the fuck was that? It was just really fucking stupid, just stupid fart, shit, Tony Danza and Pope jokes that weren't funny at all, seriously what was the point to this? Was it to make the most stupid movie ever? If it was you succeded.

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2.17 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2000
10:24 AM EDT
Comedy - Original