Sketchy Vol. 1

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Im creating a new series of short films in which the main character, Sketchy, finds him self in all different kinds of trouble. enjoy.


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an evil rock.. eh! well, that was a good flash, it wasn't the best though, the old time effect made it look like it was raining, next time make it just a stright line going threw, moving back and forth,(it gives it a better ol school effect)
but yea awsome movie, make the next one longer, because I liked this one... keep up the good work.


That was entertaining. I like the old time video look.

Funny Premise

The middle part where he's blasting at the rock is funny, but the ending just doesn't make sense/isn't funny. Needs a better punchline. Also some of the motions are too slow, speed it up a bit. On the brighter side, it did make me laugh, especially with the old-timey speaking. Keep it up


i don't like the movie but i like the way you made the guy...

WTF? This isent the famous sketchy!

This isent the small funny sketchy. BUUU! And the "stone make a man shoot himself" joke are too common and classic. This movie was made by tar and a little stick...

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2.82 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2004
5:38 AM EDT
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