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Lone Faction

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UPDATE: Part II is out, and you can play it at LoneFaction.com !!!
You must escape from the facility that has created you. In attempting to develop perfectly adaptive AI for war machines, they made a mistake.You developed a conscience and rejected their agenda, so they erased your memory and planned to destroy you..

Take advantage of the lagg reduction engine, play with the "SETTINGS" for optimal performance.

Cheats can be found @ MoFunZone.com

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Pretty good game

So you have a pretty good game here I like the designs on the characters and especially the detail you have added to the enemies really nice visual points on the them you really added a mixture of enemies the gameplay was pretty fun and rolled along pretty well I enjoyed this game for what it was here and really enjoyed it so nice job indeed some added exciting moments like bonus room or material would be a nice idea

Some added extras like mentioned would be a nice idea


I'm kind of having mixed emotions about this game. I really did find it playable after awhile. It's just that the graphics aren't that good. The main character especially doesn't have much movement. He just seems too stiff. There should be a walking motion.

At least I was able to beat the first boss. It's fairly easy to understand. I really would recommend this. I liked the designs of the enemies. Yeah, it wasn't great, but I found it kind of nice.

It's shit

ok game

fun game but their really isnt alot of enemies

i dont like it at all

really crappy game dude. but maybe if u made a sequel thats actually better, then the "series" wont be so bad. no one will play this, but they will play the sequel. if its good.