Larry And Lucille

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Larry and Lucille are 2 outlaws in this spaghetti western type movie. Took about a week to make, and 3 days to think up. Please review. (special thanks to harofreak for editing)


Need Better Graphics.

The Story was fine but you just needed better graphics. I agree with the review under me. Looks like MSPaint stuff. Also the voices were a bit exagerated.

wallpaperman responds:

they were meant to be

Might be good, but it needs a bit of work.

It wasn't anything too special. The graphics weren't very good, they looked reminiscient of MSPaint. I understand that hand drawing on a computer can be a bit difficult, but a little practice doesn't hurt much. The intro was a bit long, and I was tempted to just kill it when they were in the convertible, that took WAY too long. The sound was decent quality, but the voices were poor, and sometimes not very clear. Bonus points, though, for the "South Park Canadians" talking style.

wallpaperman responds:

you suck

Very good

Damn that was a really good concept except that you need better graphics cause if you were going for really bad graphics you got it right there man

wallpaperman responds:

yeah I was going for really bad graphics you moron


1 question, is every body a canadian? this was kewl cant wait for the sequal;)im just writting a review cuz the other guy's was to long it was like blah blah blah lol good job

wallpaperman responds:

so did you even watch the movie?

A generic-yet-decent submission

Hello wallpaperman, it's HaroFreak reviewing yet another Flash Movie.

The overall setup of this cartoon involves two infamous runaway criminals who seem to be able to literally shoot holes through the defences of the law. The atmosphere involves a mix between a slight mix of Wild West shootout style and the typical Cops and Criminals feel.

Now onto the detailed analysis:

The graphics are for the mostpoint rather generic and it does not seem to have a lot going on, therefore it ended up a little bit plain and dull. Fortunately, the flatbase colours were distinct and fitting so the events are seen easily. I advise that you try to refine your graphics a bit more in the future. You can do better than that.

The sound was sub-par, though the music was okay (Though you forgot to credit Trigun Music). However, some voices seem to be too soft and does not contrast well with the other voices for no good reason whatsoever, so this part suffered a lot of marks. I suggest adding more bass (As in the sound frequency, not the fish) to the voices.

The style as mentioned before was rather generic and the plot-type is rather flat. Though it did distinct the climax of the show well starting off with an introduction, an interlude, the action, then the cliffhanger. Though it would be nice to know a bit more about the protagonists...

Violence and humour is rather so-so here. See some cops get shot, a gunfight, the typical finisher... Yeah... that's about all I can type for the analysis.

In summary, this movie is something which needs some work refining the aspects in general. I suggest focusing more on the human figure to make it more realistic and more suspenseful. And the climax flashed in rather soon didn't it? I suggest adding more time to focus on events such as some hiding and preparation since it catches the viewer's attention better.

Good luck with your next project.

This is HaroFreak signing off.

wallpaperman responds:

Wow awesome review, this review could count for all the advice i get from about 70 other reviews from NG users (literally). After reading this, there isn't much point in reading MOST users reviews. I wish i got more of these... now i'm gonna repay the favour... ;-)

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2.44 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2004
12:49 PM EDT
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