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Wow got Daily Feature Award, Thanks Alot ! Make sure u check out the rst of the series!
Also, Thnx to newgrounds for helping us get our cartoons back since, some dushback submitted them here, pretending to be us! THNX!

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Oh em gee.

oh, oh my god. What was the point to this. Btw, what the fuck just happened.


Speaks for itself. But I'll review anyways, seeing as I'm fully intent on annoying that funky Chrono fellow. I really love an animation that accomplishes everything it sets out to do - if it doesn't flicker, if all the details are perfect, if it ends where it needs to. Your flash does that - and I'd say it doesn't matter how much work you put in (although I'd assume that you put in plenty.)

Random violence is ok in my book as long as it's done well - and even so, there's a little bit of message behind the madness, perhaps. A scout who harms more than he helps is a little cliched, so I gotta subtract a little for the repetition of the same animation and humor, but quite frankly this whole series is pretty solid. This Eagle Scout salutes you.

it was very funny lol a boyscout gone bad.

it had lots of blood very funny .lots of humor lol keep up the good work

Laughs! Laughs I tell you!

I like the random kid meditating on the sand. Actually, that once happened when I tried to give some lady CPR. True story.


That was great. You take a cute looking cartoon and add some violence. I like that. :)