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Metroid Suicide

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Hey everyone! Samus finds a new type of missile and fires it out of curiosity, only to regret her decision shortly after. This is my first flash movie, about one of the greatest Super Nintendo games ever. Enjoy Metroid fans!

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I used to watch this back in high school. pity it's not on youtube (well.......it kinda is but with shitty quality)

lol. could have had quality voice acting... and better editing. but still, a worthy attempt at cheap humor. last part was best.

thats just stupid of samus XD. funny yet epic. 5 stars

Gigamegabot's Question

You did not know about the Gravity Suit Right???


This has LOTS of humor, randomness (Im pretty random myself... :P) and it is juust plain funny.
Its even good enough for the unlitterite! (from cyanide and happiness) This is just FAAABULOUSTASTIC.