Tokyo Raver Dress Up

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EDIT[11/06/05]: Pardon some of the inacuracies on this one. I did it waaaayyy before I understood the fundimental concepts of rave culture. But it can still be a fun game, right? =D

Yahoo! I think this is a record or somthing (For me any way...) I made this game in 5 days since my last dress up game was such a sucess! XD No worries, I de buged this time to hopefully it won't take such a damage to my score. Hum what's there to say?
Oh yeah!
THIS IS A DRESS UP GAME! IM NOT MAKING YOU PLAY IT! EVALUATE IT ON IT'S OWN MERITS! If you hate DUGs leave now. =) But if you like them by all means stay! Its not a hard core hentai game, heck you cant even take her panties off. (Har har) The graphics are okay I supose, a lot brighter and less blue than my last game. Anyway Im glad I could submit it cause Im going to the magical land of Saskatchuwan. Who cares right? Please don't blam me if Michizu doesn't fit your view of what a raver should or should not me. She's all about P.L.U.R. (Peace, love, unity, and respect) and her clothes show it. *Gets stared at* Okee dokee... The music is the select song from DDR Extreme! Im instantley cool now! n_n *Bonk* What ever. HAVE FUN! (Coments make me sooooooooo happy! I allways respond!)


its ok needs 2 be better maybe instant clothing go on her when u click a piece of clothing u want her 2 wear i had hard time getting shirt 2 line up w her

Woah, what a collection of trippy colors in this game. It's a colorful collection of attire, and a lot of it, too. The intense trance music makes the game seem pretty intense even though it's just one screen, but it's a nice dressup. A lotta choice. Keep it going!


Very nice. It would be interesting to see what a version would contain if even more time was spent on it.


...Who else just removed the top and left?

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My brain had a seizure when I tried to figure out what outfit to make.

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Jun 29, 2004
3:50 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up