Pirates and Monsters

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Before you Blam this to the Great Recycle Bin in the sky. Just know that all the art shown in this short was drawn by my six year old cousin. He drew all the pictures, wrote the story, and then I did all the animation to bring it to life. If you enjoy this, you can watch his little brother's (4 years old) animated story called Mice in Cars. In short, be nice. Thank you,


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That was quite cool

I think this kids got potential, its really good to see things from a kids point of view, they have no worries. Keep it up, good stuff.

The mind of a 6 year old is a kick ass place.

I've got to admit, Your cousin's pretty funny. So, he wrote it, drew the characters, and voiced it?
I'd be tempted to do that with mine if I wasn't sure I'd just get a cartoon full of pokemon.

Don't listen to any criticism worth ignoring, and it'd be awsome to see more.


the people that bash these films are all fat and have no real life and they all go to private schools and enjoy going to the mall with there mothers. they dont have much in life and have no real talent and believe that theyre suicidal maniacs who are crazy. but theyre not and none of there balls have decended and there cocks are small and they like to talk about how they have girlfriends but really they fuck there hands. to the people who bashed this iw ould like to meet you and beat all ur fuckin asses it was just some dude trying to show a film his cousin wanted to put on here and you think ur so cool so you make fun of it so you can feel big amd warm inside when really the worst thing youve ever done in ur life is steal napkins from waffle house. fucking shitheads....go look at some more hentai and dont ever come back to this site.

iceAnimator responds:


Isn't this darling...

I've forgotten all about childhood... This flash is better then some of what other older people have made. Keep up all the good work kiddo. I've voted 5, saving it. Hopefully this will be saved.

well it was done by a six year old

the kid has potential. as he grows he will surely shine. keep up the good work young buck.

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2.97 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2004
2:09 AM EDT
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