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Mac and Retro repaired

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I uploaded this earlier today and forgot that there was a re-direct at the end. I made this before I knew about New Grounds and thought I'd put it up. It's clean now.

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Not Bad

Great music to fade into the scene. Gives it your average sitcom feel. The animation is done well. The facial features of the motorcycles was my favorite part. Solid lip synching, great emotion with the eyes, and the use of the handbrakes as eyebrows was really creative. Voice acting was also another big plus. Very realistic. Sounds just like a conversation two motorcycles would have in real life, if that was possible! One thing I felt was a little off was the sound effect used for the oil leak. Just didn't sound like it belonged. Definitely felt out of place for me which kind of detracted from the flash. I also felt the length of the animation was disappointing. I wanted to hear more of the stories these two have clearly experienced. Nice flash though, enjoyed it very much.

very original

Don't think I've ever seen a flash like this before. 3/5

hmmm..uuhhh nice try...

Its decent I'm slightly disapointed though keep at it (ps plz try to think of something funnier next tume plz)


The autor of this CRAP must be very disapointed with what he got...PLEASE EVERYONE READ THIS FIRST!!!! THIS MOVIE IS PURE CRAP!!!!!!! DON'T WATCH IT AND GIVE IT A 0!!!!


haha hillarious!