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Man Who Jumped Out Window

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i decided to change it this is somthing me and my friend made when were were like 8 or 9 lol


Use more time...

Making those damn games! Use maybe 20 minutes+++++++++++++

Im giving you a 1

It was so stupid it made me laugh a little,you need more work it seems your trying to make movies in 2 or 3 hours,Take your time,make a script make a story board or something,im making my movie and im thinking it will be ready in 1 month ,just take it easy and work hard on something then hit us with something big,you might have potential,but dont give urself a bad name by submiting this kind of movies.Just an advice.


Before you do voice-overs for a movie, NEVER TAKE HELIUM. Either that, or wait a few months for puberty.


U dont have to have flash on ng to know that this is just about the stupidest and worst flash on ng. A retard could pull better shit out of his ass. And to top it all off you havent even reached puberty yet. stupid little kids.

FiringSquad responds:

^^ lol immaturity kids who never grew up he says "j00" and he thinks hes a hax0r WOW thats said SCRIPT KIDDIE everybody LAUGH
u dont have any flash on ng i guess u have NO TALENT EITHER HM?

that sucked

dont bother making anymore cause that movie sucked and blowed at the same time

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FiringSquad responds:

oh yes cuz ur just swarming with flash files on ng ur self right?

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1.38 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2004
8:39 PM EDT