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WadeMcFrog Dance V.2

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WadeMcFrog Did Most of the work give him credit not me

Don't say we should've updated the old one because we want to let you see how we've improved

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But freakin' hillarious!


Wow this was so great.

Hmm.. but I think wademcfrog's mouth should move..... n instead of lame motion tweens... he should actually move his limbs... hm... know what? I think wademcfrog shouldnt even be in this flash.... maybe... link.. from the zelda games? Yeah, he rules.

Also tends to be in better flashwork.... so on secondthought... nah... stay with wade.


get a better profile picture... no 15 year old has that much facial hair, unless something ELSE is severly compromised. loser. usuk.


Alright first of all the picture in your profile doesn't have to be of you
that happens to be Serj from System Of A Down you wouldn't know that due to the fact that your favorite bands are all faggoty bands with gay ass names oh yeah and when it says favorite films it means real ones not flash, N00b, oh yeah your really ugly you should go suck the shit outta me kangaroo's arse

that owened

the panda owns... the strokes own... you own... the frog owns... and i kinda own too i guess
(damn im creepy) ah well i like your style

alot better then the first one

i love this flash good work make more make more.

I liked it.

That was pretty cool. And pointless... which adds up to the "coolness"! Or whatever. The movement is something that needs a little work, but the twisting and turning looked pretty realistic. Nice job.