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Sonic's Quest for Power 2

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UPDATE*** : SQFP3 Has begun! go to this link to see it! (Well, the first part of it)...


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That didn't age well....


THE NOSTLAGIA was a child when i first saw this man, i know i keep repeating, but its a damn nice feeling

Well, I was kind of hoping that this would be longer. I wanted everything to be escalating. It still kicks ass, though! It's mostly because we get to see Shadow and Knuckles in super forms! You really seem to see Knuckles and Shadow working together. I love the sprite work of course.

I recognize most of these sound effects. I like the idea of Dr. Robotnik helping them. I am reminded of Dr. Wily from the comic crossover. I kind of wish he was here. It's still great to have tons of action!

holy shit