Yakuza Money

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it's a movie about a kid against yakuza


Not realistic, but good =]

lol if the bullets are moving at that speed and the boy can dive away.. i dont think the yakuza would just stand there. anyway, i know its not meant to be realistic, good job :)

heh, trippy

you spelled "yakuza" wrong in the opening scene. i liked this actualloy, teh story was pretty cool. you can make it better by making the quality of your ppictures better. and use somthing better than a bird poo for the start marks. that destroyed it.

that was so ass shaking good,GET IT.

the music seems to be good as much as you do the sound effects and it was funny when teh guy said in your ass jerk and showed the ass shaking and got bitched slapped. it was also funny how you made the people, when the red guy knocked the boy the fuck out, he face barely moved, even as he pulled out the gun,which went great with the music. then the green guy kinda looked frooty and looked stupid as hell when he got shot in the face and the ending also went pretty good with the music. overall,you did a good job.

good job

That was a pretty good movie. Though I think when the kid shot the red headed guy he might have fallen the wrong way. I just sorta noticed that. It was pretty funny at the beggining when the kid said in your ass and in his bubble thing it showed some guys ass. It looked pretty wierd when the guy was smoking the cigar though.

Good job!

Loved the slow motion parts... I watched most of your stuff now and i think your a good flash artist!
Keep em coming

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Jun 22, 2004
8:21 AM EDT