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Black Mages

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Author Comments

A funny and violent movie I made based on Final Fantasy 1.
The sprites are from the Playstation remake.
I will eventually make a sequel but im really lazy.
Any ideas?

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Funny for the age.



Could this be...


Since P-Bot is a HUGE WAD (YOU HEARD ME P-BOT) I have to leave a serious review, which is as follows: Doesn't quite hold up to modern standards, but it's still pretty good.

It's sad to see this with such a low rating. I agree that it's not as good as the other ones. It's just strange to see sprite work like this from you. It does look cheap. Still, it's a pretty entertaining cartoon. It's fun to see all that blood flying everywhere.

What? I'm not worse than anyone else here. That was a long full tite. I've been seeing a lot of Black Mage flashes lately. Was there a new game coming out at this time? This still isn't bad.