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This interactive playground is dedicated to famous spanish artist - Salvador Dali.
How to play: find hotspot and click it.
PS: Please, don't look for any logic...

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aaahhh!!!!! ^___^

Dali is my favorite artist!! his work inspires me and my art soooo much! I liked this very much ^__^

All of his art

All of Dali's art has a meaning to me. This is a pretty good... whatever it is! It really makes you think!


Had to get a little randomness there!


that was the most creepy thing ever. not to mention that its late at night and my friend is next door playing fatal frame with the volume so loud, you can hear every intake of breath for a block around, AND, i just watched the grudge for the first time, so i am soo paranoid....ooh.... i better go watch the demented cartoon. but otherwise, tht was awsome in a myst sort of way.

Shadow Flare's Review

Note: I judge submissions by the standards of today despite the author's experience with flash at the time of designing the flash nor the date it was created.

Graphics: 10 - Of course the graphics were great. They were the work of Salvador Dali's. But to add upon that, the author did an excellent job at joining both Salvador's and his own additions together to create this "playground".

Style: 10 - It was set up wonderfully. It had perfect background music to create a creepy set up and it made the person viewing the flash have to think on how to get everything to work.

Sound: 10 - Perfect. Creates a more morbid setting than it would have been without the background music.

Violence: 10 - Does not apply to this submission.

Interactivity: 10 - The person viewing the submission has to think of how to go to the next point and has to figure out where the "hot point" is. It also show the people here who are usually sitting around watching that damn box of stupidity all day (no offense) some actual art work instead of some random images displayed on a screen.

Humor: 0 - Does not apply for this submission.

Overall: 10 - I average the scores of the submission that would count together and round up to get the overall to give the author a fair overall score.

Note: This is awesome! A must see! Though some may not consider it a game, it is not quite a movie either. Either way it is an awesome display of Dali's work combined with a few tricks of Mikhail Kafanov. I would recommend this to anybody.


This is probably the most gorgeous thing I've seen in a long time. Perfect work.

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3.98 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2004
3:24 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other