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(old)Matrix-Building dive

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I went through a pretty bad slump when I lost my internet acces for 3 months.
I had no motivation to make flash (but strangely alot to make music) since I couldn't get on to NG.
This is the movie I made that gave at least the slightest bit of motivation.
I think the ending is classic :)
NOTE:it's in bullet-time/slow-mo

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i understand what you ment by a motivator. the graphics are good (especialy the guns) as well as the sound but in the end its just a very repedative sequence. if you were to put a little more effort into more confrontation, altering gun sounds and storyline it would be a very decent animation


Nice work C,
Not a big fan of sticks, as you may know, but still nice!


Without the moral, this would totally suck! :D I agree with marcus, what kind of guns were they?!?!?!? :O

**** - Great!


although it was majorly pointless, and didnt have a story line (but a helpful moral!), i enjoyed watching...
but, for some reason i dont think it looks like that when you fire a gun! hahah.
i think that this movie would have been up nearer to its full potential if you had animated the actual bullet, instead of the explosions... you know, with the little rings coming of the back of the bullet? yeh, that stuff. well, overall i liked it.
overall score: 6/10

Yeah, pretty pointless

And it can't be bullet-time with out bullets now can it? More like big-ass-explosions-coming-out-of-guns-time. :P