Super MPCorp. Land 1

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You have to save your Jbeu, a sympatic animal who has been rapted by the DarkMPCorp. You can use some objects to help you in your mission like a gun or a jetpack. Good amusment,
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Surprisingly playable

I really am pathetic, recommending a game that seems to have such lame graphics. This turned out to be really enjoyable for me and I'm glad I played it. It was interesting to listen to those funny sounds. I was thinking at first this was going to be like Super Mario Bros, because of the "Super" title and while it wasn't, it did have pipes. It got pretty hard at times, though, especially with the jumping. I don't know why I started with only one extra life when I had all of them before.

Good job!

Well, that wasn't so bad now was it? I like the fun powerups and the boss fight was easy yet decent. The camera can shift a bit when your about to enter the next screen so it could be a bit awkward. Other then that it's a simple platform game that's good to pass the time.

not bad, in fact, i like it... :)

The game is nice, I enjoyed playing, but the graphics need some improvisation and the audio definitely does. I'm stuck though in the second level of the second stage, where those blue and red things appear that you aren't allowed to touch.

How do you proceed there? Crossing the white wall somehow?


YOu speaka duh english me no think so


Reviewed by: T-dugg Overall Score: 0
"Hey are you forgetting that there are players that can't speak Spanish? Hey dumbass try again!!!"

Wow. You aren't even capable of telling french from spanish.
See kids? That's why you shouldn't quit school before 4th grade.

Good game, except that I cant't get through that huge wall with the spikes and water and that jetpack thingy.

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3.62 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2004
4:16 PM EDT
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