Priceless Parody

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Update: I added some voice to it so there is some sound because many have said it's needed. It's not great sound but hopefully it will help a bit.

If you plan on leaving a bad review or giving me a bad score because of the clock blamming part, maybe you should first check out this thread with 20+ pages of posters who agree that the clock movies need to be blammed. http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic.php?id=13715&page=1

I had the idea for this and started it a long time ago. Just last night I found it on my computer and decided to finish it off and submit it. So here you go, my "Priceless" movie.


oooooh very funny

Did you think that when u put this on newgrounds u were goin to get 10/10 on every review? How old are you to think this up? 3?


Sticks,......... how sophisticated

Well that sucked...

A stick movie blamming clocks? You suck. The voice was flat and the graphics left a lot to be desired.

Don't blam someone unless you can do better.


That was awfull. Your voice sucks, and your flash talent is talentless.


Hey man, listen me out please...

Why do you put up a fight about this flash... when its totally shit?

I mean, cmon man... youre being a fucking hypocrite... you complain about clocks , and i guess your complaining on the ones who make sucky flash and submit and all that... but what the hell are you doing then to say so? Submiting a terrible flash? Doesnt that make you even worse than the clocks?.. because atleast they aint targeting anyone with hate...

man, lay of the bull, most clocks are better flash artists than you or any other teenage anticlock will ever be... so stop putting em all in one bandwagon and give this flash up, because this like many other anitclock/clock flashes deserves to be blammed and you know this

(also , making a stickflash is worse than clocks and you know this)

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1.64 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2004
10:26 AM EDT
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