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the same as before, but the dragging glitch and the spelling error is fixed. you can drag the circle, but the cutstom cursor will glitch, but you'll still have a normal cursor. this will change once you hit back


Spelling for beginners

The BG Music was terrible, and the mouse added some extra annoyance. These are the basic scrpits that most animators know already.

Too buggy

First of all, the GTA style script is a set variable. Simply copying and pasting the script will not work. Also, The custom cursor will work ALOT better if you use enterFrame instead of load.
Other then that it was fine.


I counted a few variables that were left out (borrowing code ;)?) Plus, to go from basic "startdrag" to all kinds of variables and acceleration, this is too unbalanced. Plus, the framrate seemed about 12 and should at least be 18. Im not so sure i trust the legitimacy of the code and if it is yours or not, and im gettin kinda sick of these run of the mill tutorials. Ill vote 2

Needs Improvement

Tutorials are useful in general, but there's a lot of badly formatted spaghetti code in what you submitted - especially in what you call the GTA, [asteroids style] clip movement. That code is horrible, and could be rewritten with far fewer lines. You also initialize a bunch of variables you don't even use, which suggests to me that the code has been adapted from something else.

If you have access to Flash MX or MX2004, I suggest you create a key listener object instead of using the key.isDown approach - listeners are more responsive.

You might like to take the sample code and place it in a text area to make it more viewable.

You can also get much better performance with custom cursors by using an onMouseMove handler with updateAfterEvent();, and simply set the x and y coordinates of your clip to the _root._xmouse and _root._ymouse values every time the event handler fires. The drag method was used back with Flash 4, but you'll notice that it does nasty stuff when you try to use it while handling a draggable movie clip....

Hope this is of some help.


Isn't this exactly the same as the first one? Correct me if I'm wrong here but I didn't notice any differences between this one and the first one.

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Jun 17, 2004
8:52 PM EDT
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