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The instructions are included in the game. Oh, and it is a flash remake of the game by Parker Bros.

yes, i know there is no sound and i cant help it so stop putting comments about sound in your reveiws. If anyone wants to help me make it better they can msn me "moiSTUDIOS".

Version Two has sound, a preloader, and I re-scripted a small part of it so is should be way better than V1.
Thanks for all the reveiws!


My guess 1: red orange orange red, returned result: XXXX (all 4 colors wrong)
My guess 2: blue blue yellow white, returned result: WWWW (all 4 colors correct but in wrong positions)
My guess 3: yellow white blue blue, returned result: WWWW (this is not possible given result 2)

Conclusion: Defective. But perhaps I can figure something out.

My guess 4: blue yellow white blue, returned result: RRWW (2 in right position)
My guess 5: blue white yellow blue, returned result: WWWW
My guess 6: blue yellow white orange, returned result RRRW
My guess 7: green yellow white orange, returned result: RRRR (correct combination, matched code)

I'm done. This thing is fubar. I'm amazed I actually won it given its behavior, the odds of success were heavily set against me considering it basically never tells the truth and I was left wondering about the nature of the lies and how they might come about from bad programming. There are other implementations of mastermind that actually work if anyone wants to play it. The best one is the one that is only on armorgames now, made by the swain with his mastermind character.

This is pretty much copyright

The title and game is copyright.
and it pretty bad...
they should blam this then you publish this again but wit a diffrent title.

It doesn't work

Simply as the headline says, this doesn't work at all.
I get told that no Green Yellow Red or Orange ir right, so what do I do? Of course I lay 2 blue and 2 white :D
But here comes the tricky part. It shows out that both white and blue is right (and thats logical) but on the wrong place. Now in this last guess I (of course) Lay the blue where the white lay and the white where the blue laid. Since all four of them ecsisted, I can only assume since noone (remarkably) was on the right place, this current last guess must be completely right, no? Yes, it would!
But in this game = actually
no Xc

CHANGE! REPAIR! Or else noone would want to play it cause you can't win and in everygame you must be able both lose AND win, no?
Nice layout thou :)


Wow you tried to copy off of Mastermind. From my opinion, i don't think it really worked out.. Ya coulda renamed it.. Atleast. Nice try tho.

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That was pretty ok, but it really confused me.

Next time make a not as confusing game.

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Jun 17, 2004
4:58 PM EDT
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