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Full title - Cork Family Massacre: A Mother's Revenge.

UNFORTUNATELY, I'VE HAD TO TEMPORARILY REMOVE THIS MOVIE SO I CAN SUBMIT OTHERS. THIS SUCKS BECAUSE THIS MOVIE RULES. I will attempt to compress it more, then re-upload it. If that doesn't work, I will host it on my own site. If anyone wants to see this in the meantime, e-mail me: robototron[at]hotmail.com

Mother was mitigated to the kitchen while the men of the family did their thing. Little did they know, she's been worshipping a different god, and she's about to get revenge!

*sorry about the big file size. The source file was only 1.3 mb. but, since the sound quality is already so bad, i didn't want to further compress it.

OK, have at it.


was that peady

that brought me to tears.........

the voices were anoying, not your best. really not like the one where the robot was gonna hit that cork thing

I thought the cinematography at the end was great

but when you were doing those shots you should have taken out the sound because you can hear your foot steps.>>>>>

A lot of detail on the worshiping dialogue

It was a random choice to bring in the robot,
you should have had them run around in circles when the robot chased them
....or speed up the film for the robot scene

just some constructive critcism....I loved it!

robototron responds:

Wow, those are really good suggestions. Definitely useful, so thanks!

And thanks for the review!

I thought it totally sucked

i mean come on litlle corks worshipping wine and burban then a little walking robot comes and stomps on them... pathetic

robototron responds:

...or totally awesome.

by the way: it's spelled "bourbon." You should drink some then re-watch it.


not bad, not my type of movie, but still good to watch

heh not bad.

that was pretty funny. i liked how it was corks, thats pretty original. oh and their god being certain kinda of wine. heh funny. whats the name of the program to do those voices?

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2.17 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2004
7:26 PM EDT
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