4 in 1 tutorial P.2

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Well here I am once again with my new 4 in 1 tutorial sorry to say Blahclock couldn't help on this one but it still turned out great.
This tutorial shows 4 great new things that most people don't know how to do.
If you see anything wrong with the movie email me at Hyperactive12004@yahoo.com

Enjoy. :)

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Not very impressive

I am making my own tutorial and I'm looking around at other ones to see what they have done to get such good scores. After watching your I reelisae it doesn't deserve a good score. Only 4 tutorials. Tutorials were crappy not explain ing very well and I already knew how to do them all. Your background was taken form Microsoft and your buttons were terrible. And the 4th tutorial was stolen for gods sake!!

g0t responds:

your 13


i didnt learn anything i wanna make a button i see this oh look a tutorial abouit buttind :D then it ses all u known how to actionscript so well skip that...>:(

g0t responds:

I dont understand? Well you need to know how to action script in order to make a button.

So try using my other 4 in 1 tutorial submission.

thank you

dude i have ben trying to figure out how to make a light saber glow like that and now i will be able to make lightsaber stuff. Thanks =P

Try harder d00d

Its a good tutorial for noobs, but u didnt tell us what tutorial we were about to see(u should label that on the buttons leading to the tut) and I didnt see any explaination in your authors notes as to what tutes were in it. I'm sure you'll get it...Sooner or later.
Probably later.


I think you should title your buttons on what you are going to teach on instead of calling them "Tutorial 1 2 etc."

It makes it easier on the people looking at this, or at least put a little index to the side.

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2.67 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2004
10:58 AM EDT
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