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Little Fighter Alpha Ch.4

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*Update* AHHHHHH! I can't believe it, daily 1st place? thank you for your support guys! This will encourage me to do better on my next movies!
MaxR: This is one of the longest movie I have made compared to the others. I made changes, like adding scene selections, and improved on basic things. I hope you enjoy ch.4. I will respond to all reviews!
AnzRage: It's been great working on this chapter. We are always trying to improve. Send us some feedback on what needs improving.
Gooffy123: We worked really hard on this. Can you tell? Go to our site and join in the fun by posting inour forum.

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I admit I didn't like as much as most people. It was still good for me. I especially enjoyed the Matrix music. It's a shame it didn't get to the really good part of that music. I was impressed by how you talked about all the characters. I haven't seen every episode so I need that.

Most of the music is great. At least now I recognize that guy's name as Bat. It's always nice when different people collaborate. Hey, it had enemies that looked the same just like in "The Matrix" too! Yeah, that's referenced a lot.

gettin better

nice this just keeps getting better and better

MaxR responds:

Thank you! :)

Cool but

One thing I never understood about this series is that Firzen is a fusion of Firen and Freeze(Don't believe me? Try getting one of you at low health then run to him) Yet they fight Firen and Freeze as 2 separate people when Firzen most likely still exists.

MaxR responds:

Sshh, you're giving spoilers! :P


wow i surprized woody didnt totally own that monk and if henry would have just sat there and shot some arrows if the monk were a threat they would all be dead but nice work

MaxR responds:

Haha, that would have been gruesome. They were only sparring after all!


who is jan? (as in story) davis girlfriend?
where did you get the story line?
is the story line related to LF2 story?

MaxR responds:

Jan is just a close friend of Davis and a member of the little fighters.
I came up with the story while trying to relate to the original LF2 game in story mode. I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for your review.