Forgotten Past (Fields)

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Sorry about the txt, its just the style of game! But theres animation in some scenes, im still working on this. Im just wondering what people think. Plz leave a review on what needs impovement.

Update: another non blam..thanks alot Newground viewers!


British English isn't the problem.

The spelling and grammatical errors in question have nothing to do with British versus American English. I see and use both...this isn't "colored" versus "coloured". One of the words on the soldier/bear caption I couldn't even decipher. The grammar problems were relatively simple...you use mostly proper English, which is appreciated, believe me. Just add some apostrophes--"can't" not "can't"--and remember that "you're," not "your," is short for "you are." I do like text-based games, though, and am interested in seeing the full version. :)

KraZeDWolF responds:

thanks alot
ur review is appreciated.

Spell Check??

It's an interesting game but it's hard to go through with so many spelling errors. It really draws away from the game.

KraZeDWolF responds:

spelling mistakes? oh..sorry >.< im english..your american.

Some nice ideas

This needs to be tested more thoroughly. For example, the buttons can be multi-clicked and the text stops fading.

I was able to pick up the wallet twice.

You have definitely got skills, though - keep developing this game!

KraZeDWolF responds:

thank you. theres too many bugs, this is my first gamish style..it went ok, but too many problems..thanks for the vote.

I mean really, WTF is this shit?

I can't even see the bear when I attack it. I don't see anything anywhere I go besides the grass. I re-loaded it about 13 exactly, even changed internet settings. So i'm thinking you flash has to many problems. You should improve it by adding graphics, less chatter, less grass, and more action. Try to actually put in the pictures or animations, or something. (like the "invisible" bear)

Sorry but I'm going with 1R.

KraZeDWolF responds:

ya bastard >.< lol..you fuck this in the arse..and vote my other one high >.< u bastard! lmao...but thanks for the reviews..I know this is shit....turd of the week is mine :D


add some jazzy detective music.this has a lot of spelling errors too,among others things...like,I'm not sure if you wanted me to do things in any particular order in that game..cause I found a wallet,got attacked by a bear,found an alleyway and then it ended.confusing.It could also use some visuals,even if they don't move.It has potential though,I like your "load game" idea.

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1.67 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2004
2:36 PM EDT
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