Arctic Doggy

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There's no joke here, I just made it for fun. I bet you guys are gonna love hating this! Oh well, just watch it anyway...


Dammit, now I'm sad.

I'm gonna have to go watch I says Forked again to get my mind off this.

Seriously, it's well done, but it's too short and the walrus's voice was very loud and screechy. The dog's was OK.

hehe that was really cute!

nice one! i like the walrus hehehe hes cool

Poor lil doggy!

well that was pretty sad i reckon poor lil doggy!
I somewhat liked it, i think it should have been longer for 1 like every1 else said it just stopped, and 2 i really hated tha fast text, 4 some1 with readin problems exc. they would not be able 2 understand tha movie at all or at least watch it more then once 2 get it. like i said tho i somewhat liked it!
good job

dekuscrub responds:

wow teh leet0r, cu l8r hax0r frnd! (d00d, wtf? lol)

The poor puppy...

That is so sad! *cries and sobs uncontrolably*
Good job *sniffles* dude.

graphics were good

However that text was horible and looked rushed, funny joke though, good cartoon overall

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3.28 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2004
7:43 AM EDT
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