Mobey the Mouse

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This is one of my first animations, which I made a few years back, sorry it has no sound I havent really gotten around to putting sound in, but I hope you will enjoy it in any case.



i dident even notice it had no sound coz my stupid cousin is allways tell;ing me to put donw the sound and then i cant even here it that little basterd oh well it was good and i dident even know about the sound

That was pretty good..

Though it would've been much better with sound.

Loved It

Lose a point for sound it would actually be 10x better if there was sound, but i cracked up loads when he pokes the alien in the eye, you are so good at animating even this! Ill never do anything like this..

pretty crappy

but god for a first, TREBUCHET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 I made one of those once, it was three feet tall including the arm, and launched light stuff 30-40 feet, so +1 for TREBUCHET!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, i liked it

It's good for a first. My favorite part is when they are about to touch hands and the mouse pokes the alien in the eye. I was carcking up. I would of gave it a higher score, however as you already pointed out, theres no sound. Saw your other stuff as well and it was pretty good

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2.21 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2004
5:07 AM EDT
Comedy - Original