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All-In-One Tutorial

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A little helpfull Tutorial for all you out there who want to learn Flash :)

Just added some nice colerfull bg's to the tutorial...Do you think it's annoying?

(Audio Compression came out fine!)
As a wise old man once said:
"Please vote, or my mom will explode!"
Just a tutorial I made :) I hope you like it, tried to keep the file size beneath 600Kb :) Please review to tell me what I should add :) Next week comes a more complicated tutorial...
Please help me get my second portal award :)!
(First Award, MV-The Final Day)

DJ Runaway

On populair demand, i've changed the menu music!

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This tutorial covers the basics very well. I believe a lot of beginners will take a lot from it. Thumbs up

I would also like to share a neat tutorial on doing symbols in flash which seems quite relevant to this topic http://bit.ly/Kd9358


elpe me in certain areas

It helped me in certain areas such as music but other areas are not detailed enougth with images compare to other tutorals

This is..

a quite decent tutorial. Very basic that is, but than again if you really just started using flash on this particular day it would be one i'd recommend.

Also things used to be like that. Now everything passes the portal, i find that quite disturbing. Hell even non animated things, like youtube vids are getting posted and pass.
But since it's the system and the system shall not be doubted there is nothing you can do about it.

People don't seem to appreciate and care about a place like newgrounds anymore.
It's a shame..


This will help me at making flash movies or games. This is truly all-in-one!

Truly "All in One"

Best Tutorial I've Ever Seen. Informative, Shows Example, And Simple To Understand For Beginners Like Me! I'll Be Sure To Come Back Here