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Megaman X OLB ep.2

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Megaman X One Last Breath ep.2!
With X and Zero dead the remaining hunters and humans plan on how to stop the oncoming evil... but they are too late. (This ep has no action and is focused on plot)

*Updates* Yellow boarder was removed, and a NEW Alie sprite was added! The FINISHED version of ep3 will be out soon!

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Out of curiosity, I started watching the original versions of the earlier episodes...I'm really surprised by how different this one is from the one in the remaster! It feels like a prototype for the version included in the remaster trilogy. It's almost like a new episode, but it's still similar enough to the remaster to feel like the 2nd episode still. The only thing I'd really critique is the looping at the end. It's messy how it loops and the music from the end blends in with the music from the beginning. But that's about it. I find this a fascinating piece of animation history from you otherwise!

I thought this series was better than this when I look back, but then again, this is the beginning, and a story focused episode at that, so there isn't any excitement. However I owe this series a full watch and review and I will do so!

Hehe.... The humans are dense as bricks in this one. "hurr the mavericks aren't smart enough to go down the side street derrr, so we won't send a patrol!" Jeez, you made them idiots :P. Oh, and X and Zero can't die. They will just "hide themselves while they repair themselves" (you get a cookie if you know the reference :D)

SUX Cause X and zero Died

didn't this already happen?

This one sucks... but i do like that two idiots spelled 'little' with a 'k'
thats where the ten came in, that and it was still good.