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NG Deathmatch 2

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Celebrity Deathmatch: Newgrounds Style!

hahaha did not see that voodoo trick coming

I'm a fan of "Adventure Time!" so I thought they were saying BMO. Well, obviously BMO didn't exist at the time. I doubt you would have gotten illwillpress to work on this. I really do feel bad for that guy for losing most of his cartoons here. Yeah, don't care for the series that much anymore. I really liked the Claymation.

I liked how Beebo's owner had the live-action face. Well, the photograph face. It was great to see Foamy get killed. This is the same stuff he always says. If it was done today, you'd have "Fancy Pants Adventures" characters in it!

Great, also. NOOOO!!! BEEEBOOOOO!!!!!

Haha, a classy collection of characters in battle. Bit of a shame SBC disappeared from the show, but either way this was a great battle. Nice mixture of claymation and eh... other stuff. Keep it going!