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Micro Racer

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This is my first portal submission, but hopefully not my last. I think it's actually pretty cool, and I hope you do too. The concept is that you're inside a Micro Machines race car, racing from my kitchen counter to my little brother's room. Please take into account the amount of effort put into this. I had to set up a course, take over 200 pictures, resize every one, import them into Flash, add sounds, and use the trace bitmap tool on every pic to keep the file size down. This is regularly 7.8 megs or so. Maybe I'll make some more if you like it.
UPDATE: I'm not horrible at Flash anymore, so I added a preloader, and changed the sound sup a little bit.

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that was awesome! i thought it was going to be a game but either way it was pure
awesomeness! keep it up! ( maybe you could make a game, i dunno but do what
you wanna do, its awesome either way! )


it was a little.... awful! but nice work


At first, I actually thought it was just a photo, but then I realized how much work you put into this! This could be on an online art museum! I wish I could go past ten on the scale for graphix! w00t! all my 5 are belong 2 dis!


That had to have taken a lot of work, man. The ramps are what really do it over, though, because I feel like you just strapped a camera onto an actual micro machines racer. Very cool!

In the future, though, try to make it longer. Yeah, I know, that means even MORE pictures, but nobody said that you have to work alone.

very cool

at first i thought it was the intro to something else, but it turned out to be better, id like to see something else like this, looked very nice

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3.88 / 5.00

May 6, 2001
7:34 PM EDT