Funkey Town (finished)

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Here it is, the finished version of Funkey Town. Now you can see what's behind door two in city hall! Remember, I started this two years ago and finished it yesterday so it starts looking shitty and ends looking considerably less shitty! MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE WHOLE THING BEFORE PASSING JUDGEMENT

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Okay, this was better. I admit that it didn't seem that different from the original version. I mean, it was still just you going around doing weird things. Or rather, it was Mr. Egghead doing weird things and going around. The animation doesn't quite hold up. Well, it wasn't really meant to.

The best part is probably how unpredictable it is. I really did enjoy doing all these weird things. There's just not much detail. For an early submission, it's still quite good. I've forgotten what Tony Danza looks like.

so funny!

what a crazy game!

funny ideas

quite basic but that doesent bother me, gives a good chuckle!


Dude i found it FUNNY!!! but u REEALLY!!!!! need to make it so u can ateast go to the SCHOOL take a SHIT on the teacher or KILL ALL THE STUDENTZZSZ!!!!!!!!!!

Extremely humourus!

Love the blood and gore. Haha! So funny.