War of 2004

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-Don't rate poorly because of the first part, its ONLY the intro.
-I respond to ALL.
-There are THREE awsome secrets to find, YOU don't want to leave without seeing them. (You have to click on things!)
-Please watch the movie ALL the way through before rating.
-My website is www.TylerX.com
-Don't click on secrets BEFORE the movie is loaded it will screw it up!

HINTS FOR SECRETS: Need help on finding the 3 secrets? Try to find them first, then read this. 1st secret hint, in the loading screen (clickable). 2nd secret hint, try watching the movie all the way through. The 3rd secret hint, clicking the movie posters on the wall brings
you to it. (Secret 3 is for ages 18+ ONLY!) lolz

Special thanks to Anitude, for having the best forums ever. Enjoy the movie. Its 3minutes and 10seconds long by the way.

Rate fairly, thank you, enjoy!


waste of time and server space

not interesting, humrouous or worth watching. the secrets, which were better than your animations, were ruined by your annoying stupid little comments on the side, like "SUPAH HAMMA!". your animating was allright considering the limitations of stick figures, but i wouldnt say it was great. when you make one next time, do not make hte secrets so obvious, and get a clear idea of the animation you want before you start making it. and get good music. was that mudvayne?

mm ok

that was very good not bad all

that was great

i loved it. good work

TvP responds:



just lame, an old, tried, and tired idea.

TvP responds:

HAHA, You suck...ahahah...aha..ah.aha.

It was ok

Secret 3 was the last thing i expected to see, honestly half of secret 1 the first half of it was more entertaining, secret 2 was ok. Secret 3 is cheezy....u can find that kinda stuff jus through pop ups on the web ill give u credit for secrets 1 an 2 but u need to rethink 3 , sends ur great flash into the gutter. Other then that it was awsome.

TvP responds:

What was secret 3 again?

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3.19 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2004
4:52 PM EDT
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