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The Hitman...

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THIS HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER, AT ALL, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, FORM OR INKLING, WITH THE GAME "HITMAN". FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE REVIEWING IT AS SUCH - PLEASE TAKE NOTE. I have played Hitman for about 10 minutes in my entire life, and this film was originally going to be called "Gangster" - but got changed to Hitman. The main character is NOT Agent 47, in fact if I took ANY inspiration from ANY game at all, it'd be that tiny section where there's a first-person view, and I took that idea partly from Counterstrike.

Again - this is just a movie about a hitman. The game "hitman" wasn't the first ever thing to include a hitman - and I titled my movie according to my content.

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not so bad actually good job!!!

Not bad really nice work on this one

the hitman games...

Topher53 there is 4 hitman games and i got them all! anyways COOL!


not bad,not bad at all...

Hey, it wasn't bad.

I have played all three games of Hitman and I know you didn't mean to, but the "hitman" in this case looks scary similar to 47. Bald, red tie, you can't tell me that some part of your memory from the game didn't seep into this flash can you? If it were just a hitman, I recomend making it from someone elses image.

Anyway, now that I've laid that on thick, you really should keep doing this, that part at the end where he blew up the wrong guy was awesome! I like how you thought it out!

Like the aussie, I'm no flash artist either. I haven't even made one! So you both beat me by a long shot. Keep them coming, okay?

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Jun 4, 2004
6:28 PM EDT