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Lint Picker Redux

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You're all geared up and ready to go for the hottest date of your life, when suddenly! Disaster! You're now facing the one thing you prayed would never happen the one thing you had dreaded since pre-pubesence, the one thing that the very thought of left a stain in your mind causing weeks of sleepless nights: Bum Lint.

The black sheep among other, socially acceptable lints, Bum Lint is never mentioned in public, but always there, in the back of your, and everyone elses, mind. Stomach lint, armpit lint, even pubic lint would have been more desireable then the abomination staring up at you from your own crack. And if you don't deal with the lint soon, who knows what will happen!

But how do you deal? What can you even begin to do? Grab your tweezers and get pluckin'!

But be warned: No one, not even lint, and especially not Bum Lint, likes to be plucked. For every piece of lint that you pluck, there are countless other pieces lurking, growing, and getting just a little bit angrier. You may be biting off more then you can chew, but what can you do? Go face your steamy love interest with a bumfull of lint?

I wish you the best of luck, I truly do, and may god help me if I'm ever in your situation....

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i would have asked how much time you had picking your arse whilst thinking aout making this game. but it turns out i was picking it for you. o well. Funny stuff!, p.s. banging music, i want it on my Piefone.