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This is the intro to my upcoming game, Element. It may not make sense without the story...but oh well. It's not too hard to figure out. Please give me feedback!


a lot of possibilities

This looks short and like crap , to the unseeing eye
but If the person doesn't know how to use tweening itcould have been hard work but thats off the subject
what this is , is an etemp of a trailer it has a lot of possibilties because it doesn't show much of course thats also the down fall ,
the problem is the length and the graphics.
of course red black and white graphics aren't bad look at johnny rocket fingers for instance (classic)
anyways I would love to see this in a better version


The intro told me nothing about the story what so ever and drawings were bad.

I was looking for the word Heart on the checklist.

No capt planet for me


i understand that it is an intro...but...you've got to add more to the flash...check out synj vs horrid for an example of good intro...

I didn't get it.

'It's not too hard to figure out.' I couldn't figure it out and as most people who reviewed this said, if you're going to submit an intro make it stand out.

Umm, not enouth content be send alone.

If you're going to submit an intro by itself, make sure that it has enough to stand by itself and be interesting. But this, there was hardly anything here. I'm just left confused. You probably should have sent this to the Alphas. Or included it in the whole product.

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1.99 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2004
9:43 PM EDT
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