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Desk Icons: Assassin

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finnaly done!!

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oh the replay button doesn't work, right click and play movie and it comes to the play button

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Great work, you have done so many things right with this that all you have to do is brush up on a couple of your techniques, like your music, which didnt loop very well and the animating technique that was similiar to the rayman game, which i felt didnt work too well. I thought your humour was good though and i liked the amount of violence you created with just file icons, very smart work. Overall an entertaining effort, just a bit rough.


That was different... fighting desktop icons. Something short and fun to watch anyhow.


A completely uniquely original-esqueness crazy somewhat coolies allaround strange plot... heh...
It was all around alright, nothign much though, I thought that the animation was decent, as well as the sound being great throughout.

But as it is... It's just too poor in my eyes... no redeeming features.


OMG!!LOL!! thats wiked i love random based humor lol i give this a 5 BTW


Well, the sounds were pretty uhm, stolen... maybe i dont know wat im talking about but im pretty sure they are. neways, i found the underdesk thing pretty clever, but i think that the animation for the charecters was kinda weak. another thing was that it was to small even though that it was supposed to be on the desktop. i like the idea but just a little more final touches and i think it would be fine. not excellent of course.... bot OK