Mutant Clone part 1

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This is a movie about a clone and how he escaped to the real world.


whoa... cool!

dude, i thought this whole thing was a joke when he got POONED by that car! hahaha. i thought you were really having a big ass joke with it... but i was wrong! bah! haha.
great graphics - i really like the style you used to draw the characters and backgrounds.
excellent animation - especially the running, that looked really smooth and... good!
the audio was also very nice - good sound effects for the weather, and the voice acting was some of the best i've heard from you. nice work!


That was excellent, great graphics, good sound, great story and very original, also your preloader is great with the link to your site, great work, keep it up.

YoinK responds:

thanks. poser 4 helped.

Definately something else!

First off I love your Greenvein preloaders, with a link to your site :)
I loved this storyline here, it seemed like something you would get out of a comic book!
Graphics were excellent and really made this exciting, a horror style included which assured you would tune in to the next episode. The part where the clone lifted his hand and it zoomed in made the flash really dramatic and really made the filmic style within shine out above everything else, especially the text along the bottom with the face of the character which gave it a game like style :)
All I would suggest is to turn up the volume of the sound a bit even when i have this on full unless I look at the text I can't really hear what the zombie is saying.
But the main suggestion I have is about how the mutant clone comes back to life:
This part was a bit dissapointing I thought there would be a freak accident instead of him just one day 'waking up'. At least If you were going to stick to this way of the character coming back to life you still could have made it a bit more exciting. How about someone going near the glass tube he is in and him waking up? He could open his eyes in an angry beast-like style and the screen would zoom in on this and then the zombie would smash his fist through the glass and grab the person very quickly? This would give a good element of surprise and action to the viewer. I know it's like somehting out of 'The Hulk' but it's a suggestion at least, and I hope you found that helpful.
Overall though a very exciting and original piece, I was a bit annoyed at the short length here you could just bound a few of them at least together instead of putting them seperately in 1 minute episodes - all this does is make you have more submissions. But it's original well done :)

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YoinK responds:

i don't go to the movies often... i could have done better.


I thought you did a good job with the graphics and style of this. I thought the acciedent could have been a bit better. The regeneration was a little shaky too. I think if you ever decide to do another of these if you could give some kind of plot or make it like a zombie movie. Then you might have something.

YoinK responds:

thanks ramagi.

has potential

i love the visual aspect of this movie (except the fist breaking the glass. that was bad and you know it.) but it could do without the semi-poetic clone talk. can't wait 4 sequel

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3.60 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2004
1:11 PM EDT