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This is the second version of a random maze generating algorithm ive been working on. It generates a perfect maze everytime, that is it has one path to get to the entry to exit, and all points are accessible (except in different shaped maps).

I thought id quickly fix up the good old maze gen and rerelease it, as the first one had several minor flaws. I fixed up the lag (thanks shade_v2) and I gave it a point! (added 8 different levels that disappear once you complete them. I think that this has turned into a decent game, but it will probably be my last flash maze.


Very Neat Concept

Plus the fact that this is less than 20 KB, and programmed and published in 2004 counts for some big points as well. I really love the different shapes and also the diversity of random mazes. And unlike the first version, it looks as if you've tried to add in misleading paths more, due to the fact that certain shapes force 'choke points' on certain areas. My only complaints are the bland graphics (which still looked kind of nice), and the fact that the Move Count didn't reset when you started a new game. Also, a minimum number of moves would be cool, although it's too easy to move too many spaces in a direction.

Good Game

Thank you for allowing me to practice my mutant ability; which is the ability to solve mazes in freakishly short periods of time. (ability does not seem to work on braids though)

I would have given you 10 but I feel this could have been improved with different types of mazes (perfects, braids, labyrinths, other options like that) and perhaps better graphics or themes. For example there could have been stone walls or hedges. That sorta stupid thing.

Good game, but it could be better.

this game rules

maan i liked this somtimes i was frustrated but is the best maze i have ever played


Dude this is amazing.. I was just trying to search for 3D mazes on Newgrounds, but then I was suprised to see someone also making a maze generator. I think you programmed this a lot better than what I have so far! Excellent job, and nice, clean graphics.


I really like mazes and these are really good. Nice graphics. It could've used music, because i got a little bored.
It took me 3591 moves to beat it.

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3.01 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2004
9:02 AM EDT
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