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As promised, a revamped version of the original is now here, including over 100 levels, a built in physics engine, sound, music (not the best, but you can turn it off), and 11 power ups.

If you dont want to read the instructions, use the arrow keys, and navigate the ball down to the bottom of the screen.

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i hate this game so hard im stuck at level 7

Finally beaten this game. Flappy bird control style + Ball Rampage = MIND BLOWN

@Mariofan32234 Wow, that's sad.

I'm stuck at level 2,IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO PASS!!!!

Fun, unique, and actually runs at a normal speed on more modern computers (unlike most of the sequels which are too fast), but needs some improvement:

-Powerups shouldn't be able to appear in unreachable places such as in or surrounded by walls, and really they shouldn't be able to appear right where you start or at the very end of the level either. Getting a good or winning powerup at the very end of a level, getting a good power up at the very start of a level I needed one on but only to die instantly, seeing powerups in or surrounded by the walls (including the rare hidden pink one), and seeing powerups in the last level where they are pointless (what would happen if a jump level powerup appeared on you in this level?) It's all happened to me. I think it's kind of funny but also ridiculous. I like how when they reappear in future ball revamped games they are always in the same spots to make it easier or harder where appropriate.

-This doesn't really have over 100 levels as advertised. True if you count the last level, but it's more like a cutscene and final score screen than a level. Even if you count that as a level, there's also some other levels that you can hardly consider to be levels like the 5 4 3 2 1 count at the end, but that was made into a tradition for future ball revamped games.

-Speaking of the last level, why did you say "get ready for the master ball" when you don't actually get to fight him? Was it supposed to be a joke or did you run out of time to make a boss? Besides how could the master ball be a "master" if he he's so big? He's too big to even fit in the levels, much less beat them! Did he get really out of shape?

-Why do you have to press G to try again (and then the space bar on top of that)? Quite a random key to choose for that and a bit inconvenient don't you think? It should either be press the space bar once, or just auto respawn like in future Ball Revamped games.

-You should be able to turn the techno music on again if you disable it.

I still like the game though. It's a ball revamped game and the base of which you used to start a great series of games! But if you are ever going to update this game, consider adding a proper boss as well.


The pink powerup causes the text "Bray Time" to appear on the screen and literally turns your ball into Bray's face. This effect lasts until you die, meaning you can bring it to other levels as long as you don't die. I've only seen the pink powerup a few times and only gotten it once or twice. The chance of it appearing is probably something like 1 out of 500 (per death or level start).

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3.81 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2004
3:08 AM EDT
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