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Return of Jesus Christ 2

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Author Comments

The year is 2004, and the world is collapsing under the weight of tremendous evil that corrupts the innocent. In this dark time, only Jesus Christ can restore peace to the land, and end all conflict...

This is a work of fiction. Please do not waste the effort to write a review unless you have something to say about this animation. I am not here for a debate on religion, I would like to hear about the cartoon. Thanks!

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to be honest,

it is somewhat funny, and somewhat seious. it helps depict when God came and noone knew who he was, this is good,

Wow! Praise God!

Someone who knows how to make a video of Jesus Crist. Good job.
P.S. - People should take your example seriously!

Great humor

Great stuff you're making here.

Eh, mostly I wanted to write this review to bump that self-important, bible-thumping, sociopath's review off your front page.

But yeah, the humor in some cases is can be a bit subtle, which fewer people seem to be appreciating these days for some reason. I, on the other hand, think it's great. Don't be discouraged by bible-humping retards that fail to see the point of your toons. (don't think I really need to tell you this, judging by your responses to such reviews, lol) And PLEASE don't worry about trying to be more sensitive or PC. I say, abuse your right to free speach as much as possible before they innevitabley take it away.

Slickernaut responds:

I appreciate your comments.

It is rather easy to get discouraged when people write foul reviews. Despite how many times I can say so, people will assume a cartoon promotes Christianity because the focus is centered on a major biblical figure. But that's the thing. These cartoons neither promote, nor soil the image of Christ. They are parodies of the American way of life; Fast food, television, and ignorance.

that was cool.

That was really funny at the start.

I didn't laugh so much to be honest, but it had its good points. Sure thats good and all that shows how dumb humanity is, but thats thinking anglican wise :) We are children of the Most high, what? Most High!? yes. It is us that choose not to believe it.

Your words:

Christians are amusing. They band together in great anger to protest many things, instead of coming together as one humanity, and expressing love for their fellow living beings. Then they firebomb buildings and snipe their "enemies", hiding in the shadows like cowards.

Do you really know what Christianity is? because we do express love, and I'm afraid if you don't see it, then look harder. You honestly believe that those who firebomb buildings and snipe their enemies, and hide in the shadows like cowards are really Christian? Seriously, Jesus tells us to love our enemies, and those who don't follow upon the word of God is not Christian, but that doesn't mean we reject those who don't follow Christ, not at all. We love you guys so much we want to preech the word of the lord for your salvation. God is love, those who don't act upon love aren't Christianlike, theres a huge difference between being religious... and having a relationship with Jesus. It reminds me of the story of the crusaders, they were killing people in the name of Jesus, but the Bible says do not murder, I suppose what they were trying to do is to getting rid of sin by sinning lol. That's just stupidly contradictory, and don't let stories like those turn you off Christianity, even us Christians say that the crusaders weren't acting Christianlike.

I didn't intentionally want to offend you in any way, thats not what I'm here for, but if your finding this offensive, then harden up princess :)

Slickernaut responds:

Listen, son.. Go hump a bible, because no one here cares.

Whether or not I understand Christianity is irrelevant. I made a cartoon. You watch the cartoon, and take away from it what you saw. I do not ask that you preach up a storm.

I can not begin to tell you how much I don't care. Don't waste reviews with your bull. Go raise some money for the homeless if you're so righteous. No, instead you'd rather sit on Newgrounds.com all day long, and tell people like me how wrong I am.

Get a life, and put down the bible.. Maybe even go outside for a nice walk. It'll do you some good, wee one.


So fucking true. this movie really puts in perspective how dumb humanity really is. sad ain't it? Oh well. Good job! keep movies like this coming!

Slickernaut responds:

Not neccessarily humanity.. Americans. Spoiled, helpless, ignorant Americans. The people I must serve on a daily basis.

I am glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

May 31, 2004
11:46 AM EDT