PeachClock Short

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Embarrassing :|

I made this when I was like 14 or something which would have been 3 years ago. I'm JUST getting back into flash now.

And yeah I know I ( PeachClock ) look way to much like Orange Clock but ill be changing that next movie.

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omg where teh blood, nakked girls and weed? >:(


PeachClawk responds:

<3 Thanks for the Review :D


I am suprised this wasn't a crap flash from a Clock Crew member.I love the CC and all,but they have to get serious with their flashes.

Now this one is a pure gem.I loved it....(I need to learn Flash,jeezch)


Well,I expect more of your work,good job and good luck.

P.S. Most people on Newgrounds are CC haters,and 99.99999 percent of 'em give whatever Clock material they see a 0.

P.S.S.I'm a monkey.

P.S.S.S I'm dumb.

P.S---- Nevermind.

PeachClawk responds:

Hey thanks alot man, Im working on a better project maybe it will make sence this time!

Thanks for you review,


YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE A BUTT! BE SURE TO BECOME A BUTT FOR YOUR NEXT MOVIE... Then you won't look too much like OrangeClock. Also, peaches are not so much orange as they are big splotches of red on yellow. Ya know, just so you'll get a distinctive look :)

But it looks like you've got a good sense of style going here and nice graphics. Onward!


PeachClawk responds:

Thanks, StrangeClock! Yes I know Peaches look like butts.. Its just hard to make it look good, Next movie dont worry, I will look more look like a butt..



yeah your better then me i flahs i just got Flash 2004 MX and i can't do shit yet...wow i suck! help :) but i can make music and loops...!!!!

PeachClawk responds:

Hey if you need any help I could try to help you out with Flash as best I can.. My emails SPavlovszky@hotmail.com

And thanks for the nice Review!

Theres not much I could improve on

Thanks for making a movie without a point that could survive the portal. Cos I like movies like this (especially making 'em).
For people who don't like this movie, go fucking get Macromedia Flash MX/2004 and make an animation this good. You'll probably go to hell before you do.

PeachClawk responds:

Thanks for the review, And your right, Flash is pretty tricky its not as easy as it seems, but its always great to see people enjoy your movies, Thanks again!


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May 31, 2004
3:09 AM EDT
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